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Capture Revenue with the "Leader in
Fixed-Based Radiology"

Add Your Own In-House Radiology Department

Consultants can talk about adding new revenue streams and enhancing patient services. We do it. Captive Radiology created the "do-it-for-me" fixed-based radiology department for facilities that simply could not afford to add a department on their own or could not take the focus away from their core business to do so.

Simply put, we make in-house radiology services possible.

Captive Radiology Has the Solution

We have pioneered a new, better way because we are the leader in fixed-based radiology departments

It's all about the "DO POINTS":

DO #1 - Analysis: We examine your budget then your facility in detail, from its structural specifics to its workflow.

DO #2 - Design: We assign an expert in the design of radiology departments to create the custom space for your facility.

DO #3 - Construction: We serve as the actual construction managers to build the infrastructure, secure all necessary permits, and attend to every necessary detail.

DO #4 - Equipment: We specify, source and finance the imaging equipment that will become the center of the operation AND install and test before its implementation.

DO #5 - Management: We manage the facility, oversee the work, and take responsibility for it (all-too-rare these days).

DO #6 - Staffing: We provide and manage all hiring and training requirements while acting as your medical staffing agency to select only those applicants that fit your needs.

DO #7 - Accreditation: We leave no stone unturned when it comes to compliance and accreditation, so you feel secure with your new facility.

DO #8 - Marketing: We provide a strategic plan to achieve your goals even on the tightest of budgets. Our advanced radiology consultants can provide the map, guide your path, and minimize the risk.

  • Your own, in-house radiology department
  • The most advanced imaging equipment
  • Better than referring patients to outside facilities
  • Better than letting patient revenue escape
  • Better than adding a mobile unit as a band-aid.
  • We do it all for you, from planning and
    set-up to expert management
  • Architectural design
  • Construction and day-to-day management
  • Equipment specification and financing
  • Complete staffing including hiring and