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“For our new imaging center and MRI, Captive Radiology’s Paul Yastrab has been invaluable as our construction manager. He expertly guided the entire process and facilitated the work and communication between our clinical radiology staff, the construction team and the architect. They all speak different languages, and Paul was the ‘translator.’ His knowledge and expertise enabled us to open on schedule, and this project very realistically could have taken twice as long without Captive Radiology’s guidance. He kept me informed, and more importantly, kept problems off my desk.”

“Wendy Small is very effective in our marketing of the imaging center and MRI. She’s an expert in targeting the right contacts and in communicating back any questions doctors might have about procedural matters or our equipment’s technology so that we can address them promptly. All in all, Captive Radiology has been at our side, responsive and effective in every area for which we’ve engaged their people.”

Beverly Lozar
Vice President, Professional & Support Services
St. Vincent Charity Medical Center


“From the very beginning, our experience with Captive Radiology has been outstanding due to their knowledge and professionalism. We didn’t have to go through a learning curve or worry about making mistakes because they brought it all for us. They filled our knowledge gap, from construction to implementation and training and staffing – the whole nine yards – and today we are safely and effectively running our Seimens MRI imaging equipment. I couldn’t be more pleased in our relationship with Captive Radiology. I can truly say that Joe Palmisano and Dave Kelly are two people I would invite into my own home to take care of my children.”

Raymond Zinicola
OMNI Orthopaedics


“Captive Radiology assumed total responsibility for our Siemens MRI imaging equipment installation and it has been a tremendously pleasant experience. They designed the suite, oversaw construction and delivered a first class build-out. It was turn-key all the way, and we have come a long way – from a mobile unit in a trailer to a beautiful suite with a wall of windows that provides a terrific vista of our lake. And today they maintain and staff our operation to our complete satisfaction. They are a great partner with great people who have truly enabled us to transform our patients’ MRI experience.”

Ronald R. Suntken, Ed.D.
President and CEO
Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center


“We are very, very pleased in our relationship with Captive Radiology over the past three years here in our new building. They have delivered excellence in all they do for us, starting with the analysis they conducted and continuing through the plans they designed for our new high field magnet imaging equipment, the construction and installation they managed, and finally to the staffing they provide today. We have seen reduced image acquisition times and improved patient throughput, as well as added convenience for the patients themselves. They continue to fulfill a very important role for us in a highly professional fashion.”

Elsie Hydash
Practice Manager
Wooster Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Center

Captive Radiology's REVENUE DISCOVERY is a question and answer session designed to determine if we can help you:

  • Increase Your Market Share
  • Increase Your Patient Convenience
  • Increase Your Patient Satisfaction,

Next steps would include:

  • Complete Site Analysis
  • Analysis of Key Facility Data
  • Equipment Options
  • Full Project Proposal Inluding Timeline
  • Pro Forma Documentation

The Revenue Discovery is a time to ask questions, learn about each other, and evaluate whether we should take the next steps.

It's FREE, and will only take an hour of your time!