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Let Captive Radiology Handle All Your Radiology Staffing Details

From Finding To Placing To Training Top Talent, We Handle All Your Radiology Staffing Needs

After the planning is done, the construction is complete, and the equipment is installed and tested, Captive Radiology really gets hands-on. We’re equipped to handle all your radiology staffing needs. Operating the best facilities without the best people will do you no good. Only Captive Radiology, your complete radiology services provider, can find the right radiology staff for you and train them accordingly, so you can place your focus squarely on managing your facility optimally.

Our Seven-Step Radiology Staffing Process Ensures We Hire The Right Radiology Staff For You

With two decades of radiology staffing experience under our belts, Captive Radiology knows the ins and outs of finding radiology staff that meet the needs of the facilities we serve. In every staffing scenario, we:

  1. Solicit qualified candidate resumes and applications;
  2. Review resumes and applications and conduct initial telephone pre-screening;
  3. Schedule on-site personal interviews for qualified candidates that filter through the pre-screening process;
  4. Narrow our selection down to two to three qualified, potential candidates;
  5. Initiate interviews with your facility’s staff, if desired;
  6. Require our potential candidates complete a personality profile; and
  7. Talk to the potential candidate’s past employers for references.

The on-site interviews conducted during our radiology staffing process further explore candidates’ work history and qualifications. In addition, we also conduct behavioral interviews to ensure the candidate is the right person for the job. Our candidates each go through a personality profile, which identifies an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in relationship to the position they are applying for. These results provide further information as to the individuals “fit” for the position and can provide valuable information to assist in management of that individual.

Captive Radiology consults with you, acts as your radiology staffing agency selecting only individuals who fulfill your needs, and negotiates on your behalf to achieve the specific needs and the fees that fit into your facility.

Captive Radiology's REVENUE DISCOVERY is a question and answer session designed to determine if we can help you:

  • Increase Your Market Share
  • Increase Your Patient Convenience
  • Increase Your Patient Satisfaction,

Next steps would include:

  • Complete Site Analysis
  • Analysis of Key Facility Data
  • Equipment Options
  • Full Project Proposal Inluding Timeline
  • Pro Forma Documentation

The Revenue Discovery is a time to ask questions, learn about each other, and evaluate whether we should take the next steps.

It's FREE, and will only take an hour of your time!