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We Get To Know Your Community And Determine The Right Approach To Reach The Best Prospects For Your Practice

Get In Front Of The Right Prospects With The Help Of Our Radiology Marketing Consultants

At Captive Radiology, we understand that the best radiology facilities aren’t created with a build-it-and-they-will-come approach. As seasoned radiology marketing consultants, we won’t leave you at the altar after your department is designed and constructed and your equipment is installed. When the time comes to build or increase your customer base and boost your market share, Captive Radiology steps up to help. There are prospects out there for the taking. We know just how to reach them with turn-key marketing materials that will bring them to your door.

We Conduct A Complete Market Analysis To Understand The Challenges You Face

Who are your competitors? What is the physician mix? Who owns the most current market share? What’s the age mix in your community? What media will reach your targets most effectively? Captive Radiology’s team of marketing consultants finds the answers to these questions and more. Once we know the answers, we develop your list of unique selling points, determine what differentiates you from the competition, develop a strategy to get your message out, and develop the right tactical mix to ensure your message hits your target audiences the right number of times to solicit action.

Captive Radiology’s team of marketing consultants has a proven track record from dozens of facilities that have benefitted from our personalized marketing approach. While we’re out there digging up prospective patients for you, you have the freedom to focus on turning those prospects into patients to grow your business.

Captive Radiology's REVENUE DISCOVERY is a question and answer session designed to determine if we can help you:

  • Increase Your Market Share
  • Increase Your Patient Convenience
  • Increase Your Patient Satisfaction,

Next steps would include:

  • Complete Site Analysis
  • Analysis of Key Facility Data
  • Equipment Options
  • Full Project Proposal Inluding Timeline
  • Pro Forma Documentation

The Revenue Discovery is a time to ask questions, learn about each other, and evaluate whether we should take the next steps.

It's FREE, and will only take an hour of your time!