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Making The Pieces Of Your Radiology Puzzle Fit Squarely Together

Our Design Staff Examines Every Nook And Cranny To Unlock Your Optimum Radiology Department Design Potential

Just as your facility and radiology service needs are unique, so too is your location and your available space. During our Design phase, Captive Radiology handles every step of your radiology department design and planning, ultimately ensuring your department operates as optimally as possible from both a patient satisfaction and income-generating standpoint.

From Architecture To Work Flow, We Make Sure Your Department Makes Money For You.

Radiology department design is one of the most critical components of a successful operation. Whether you’re building new or renovating an existing space, Captive Radiology is expert in radiology room architecture, floor plan development, facility logistics, site planning and suite design. We’ll design your radiology room for maximum patient care and convenience while we simultaneously engineer it for optimum throughput, productivity and profitability for you.

Captive Radiology ensures your radiology department design meets all stringent requirements of your new equipment as well as the functional needs of your patients and staff. Also, we’re the best in the business at completing your project on time and on budget.

Whether you’re bringing in new equipment, renovating your existing radiology suite, or starting from scratch with the construction of an all-new, full-service radiology department, Captive Radiology ensures every element of your radiology department design comes together just right.

Captive Radiology's REVENUE DISCOVERY is a question and answer session designed to determine if we can help you:

  • Increase Your Market Share
  • Increase Your Patient Convenience
  • Increase Your Patient Satisfaction,

Next steps would include:

  • Complete Site Analysis
  • Analysis of Key Facility Data
  • Equipment Options
  • Full Project Proposal Inluding Timeline
  • Pro Forma Documentation

The Revenue Discovery is a time to ask questions, learn about each other, and evaluate whether we should take the next steps.

It's FREE, and will only take an hour of your time!