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Put More Focus On Your Patients & Your Facility, Forget The Paperwork

Our Team Takes Care Of State And National Radiology Accreditation Requirements

When it comes to radiology accreditation, Captive Radiology doesn’t miss a beat. From state accreditations like the State Department of Health to national accreditations, including the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC), we make sure all policies and procedures are in place and handle all necessary paperwork to maintain your radiology department…so you don’t need to worry about them.

Don't Know Your State's Accreditation Requirements? We've Got You Covered

In any state, Captive Radiology owns a complete understanding of the policies and procedures for radiology accreditation so you don’t need to. You can spend your time caring for patients instead of weeding through the 3-inch thick Department of Health manual. We work with state inspectors and auditors, we track changes to state policies, and we make sure your department is in compliance. We have a proven track record – all of our current sites are fully accredited. No matter what state you practice in, Captive Radiology has your accreditation requirements covered.

We Know The Ins And Outs Of The Primary National Accrediting Bodies, So You Don't Have To

The ACR and IAC are the two main radiology accreditation organizations in the United States. Captive Radiology understands what your facility needs to meet and maintain accreditation requirements. We purchase the phantom (used to mirror a human body for scanning), we perform the weekly tracking and analysis requirements, and we have a physicist on retainer. We even have a formal process and tracking system for potential audits in place to ensure your department is ready in case of an external audit. All of our current sites are fully accredited, so we’re ready to work with you to ensure your facility meets all ACR and IAC requirements too.

Getting You Accredited Is One Thing; We Make Sure You Stay There

At Captive Radiology, we employ processes and procedures to ensure you achieve all necessary radiology accreditation. Using our current site operations, we have real benchmarks to work from. Tracking these benchmarks gives us a leg up as we prepare you for accreditation. In addition, this tracking is instrumental in helping us keep you prepared in the event of an audit. And, in the event in a protocol change for accreditation, we are well prepared to help you make adjustments in your everyday operations to meet the change. From initial accreditation to midstream changes, Captive Radiology has all your radiology accreditation needs under control.

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