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We’re The Nation’s Leader In Fixed-Based Radiology Services

From Design To Construction To Equipment To Staffing, Captive Radiology Is Your Most Comprehensive Radiology Services Provider

Searching for the right mobile medical imaging provider is a thing of the past for your facility thanks to Captive Radiology’s fixed-based radiology services. Captive Radiology specializes in turn-key installation and management of your on-site radiology department. For more than 9 years, Captive Radiology has been single-focused on helping you diagnose and treat your patients more effectively while capturing as much revenue as possible for your radiology business.

Captive Radiology Eliminates Your Facility’s Need For Mobile Medical Imaging

Whether you’re looking to install your first piece of medical imaging equipment or you’ve been in the business for decades and looking to double your business, Captive Radiology is the most experienced choice due to our complete array of radiology planning, construction and staffing services. The experts in medical imaging technologies and logistics, we are experienced at helping our customers improve in two critical areas – enhancing patient care and maximizing the bottom line. At the same time, we provide the right options for our customers and structure projects in a way that mitigates risk and preserves capital.

Captive Radiology’s approach is unique in that we work with you to discover all factors affecting your particular situation, analyze the technologies and products available, and develop the best solution for you from design to staffing to supplies. Different from a mobile medical imaging provider, we thoroughly and honestly analyze your situation, determine how medical imaging fits into your overall facility, and assess whether or not your goals fit into the reality of your situation. This determines if your project is the right move, and helps us design a project that will fit like a glove.

From our first meeting to your first patient scanned; from your financial analysis to the design of your imaging suite, Captive Radiology can handle your project in as much or as little detail as you need. We ensure your project will be successful from the beginning by using our best-practice guidelines developed by completing over 170 MRI projects and counting. Our thorough approach assures the perfect fit for you.


“From the very beginning, our experience with Captive Radiology has been outstanding due to their knowledge and professionalism..."[More]

Raymond Zinicola
OMNI Orthopaedics

“Captive Radiology assumed total responsibility for our Siemens MRI scanner installation and it has been a tremendously pleasant experience..."[More]

Ronald R. Suntken, Ed.D.
President and CEO
Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center

“We are very, very pleased in our relationship with Captive Radiology over the past three years here in our new building..."[More]

Elsie Hydash
Practice Manager
Wooster Orthopaedics
and Sports Medicine Center